Quality Accounting for Small Businesses

Money, is a terrible nuisance. But it's nice not to have to worry.
(Hugh Lofting, from The Story of Doctor Dolittle)

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If your company's finances are causing you problems, don't worry, you've come to the right place.

Every customer is unique and adds value to our company. Thanks to them, we have the opportunity to continuously improve the quality of our services, and to keep up with the development in different industries and countries.

Our customers' problems are exciting challenges for us. Together with our partners, we give business the opportunity to concentrate 100% on their business, and we will take care of the rest. We provide our customers with: secreterial, legal, translation and interpretation, and day-to-day accounting services.

Our working languages are Estonian, German, English, Russian and Finnish.

Our company is rated AAA, the second highest classification certified by Bisnode Estonia . ABAKUS RMP OÜ krediidireiting

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Day-to-day accounting Unit Price, €

Basic Package "Take it or leave it"



up to 100 accounting entries


150,50 €

101 or more accounting entries


1,65 €

* accounting entry = one line in the ledger
** accounting entries are calculated in terms of documents per calendar month



The price of the Basic Package includes all accounting activities, including:

  • verification of source documents, their systematisation and recording in the ledger
  • purchase and sales ledgers (by suppliers and customers)
  • accounting of fixed assets
  • preparation of expense reports and business trip documents
  • preparation and submission of value added tax returns (form KMD) 
  • when employees are on sick-leave, preparation and submission of income and social security returns (form TSD)
  • preparation of documents (decisions, directives etc.)
  • preparation of internal rules of accounting
  • consultation on any current issues
  • interim accounts (to banks, leasing companies etc.)
  • if necessary, obtaining of missing invoices from suppliers, comparing of balances etc.

The price of the Basic Package does not include additional services (see below)

Minimum Package (suspended business activities)


60,00 €

Additional services to loyal customer Unit Price, €

Payroll accounting (one disbursement per month)


5,10 €

Payroll accounting (several disbursements per month)


3,85 €

Payroll accounting includes:

  • accounting of salary and holiday pay, issue of pay slips, confirmation of sick-leave certificates in the electronic environment
  • submission of income and social security return (form TSD)



Report on intra-Community supply (form VD)


1,25 €

Report on the amendment of intra-Community supply (form VDP)


4,70 €

Statistical report


from 13,20 €

Making of bank transfers


31,50 €

Miscellaneous accountant's work


31,50 €

Preparation of annual report


185,00 €

Annual report subject to audit


340,00 €

* the price does not include the time of work with the auditor



Consolidation / subsidiary


90,00 €

Entry of annual report in the electronic environment


45,00 €

Rental of accounting software and terminal


30,00 €

Bonus programme starting from the second year of being a customer
Services for non-loyal customer Unit Price, €



100,00 €

* minimum 0,5 h



Preparation of annual report item 240,00 €
Entry of annual report in the electronic environment item 45,00 €

Accounting for previous years, per accounting entry


2,15 €

upon entry into permanent contract, per accounting entry


1,80 €

Organisation of previous periods


by agreement

Setting up accounting


by agreement

Taking over accounting


by agreement

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